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Dark Eras: Igniting the Fire $4.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Justin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2020 02:25:26

A lot of enthusiasm went into this supplement, it's a good size, there's a lot of work building up the setting for use with Hunter the Vigil. The first chapter is about the various monsters of the day, and suggests plot hooks for the assorted gamelines and how and why hunters might work on bringing them down. It includes a new group called the Old Ones, with one example one in the Healers, that seem to be the precursor to Cheiron. The second chapter has some compacts or what would be called conspiracies, considering the narrow regional aspect of the game and the lack of things like international communication, most of the groups seem to be precursors of more well-known groups in modern nights. This brings us to my sole problem with the book. The third chapter introduces the first candles, the first groups of hunters of the vigil. The Wolf Cult, followers and blessed by the Pangaean Wolf, who have a really interesting ability, and the Guardians of the Wise, who do a valuable duty for their people. The fourth chapter gets into what may happen, after the Sundering and however long your game might run on. It offers hooks for storytellers to go in different directions. The appendix offers an interesting curveball that fits so perfectly for a Neolithic Vigil. The Rmoahals, scattered throughout the lore in first edition, have origin and cause in this era and the potential to be an ally in the Vigil, or the target of it.

I enjoy the book, it's mostly setting but the few mechanics there are good. The art is great. My only issue is that in some of the proto-compacts, the book suggest some Endowments and recommends another book to get that power from, most of them are other Hunter books, and one is another Dark Era they might have, but if the first edition books were used it would probably fit better with some conversion to second edition. One conversion (I think that's possible with STV?) or new power example would have gone a long way.

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Creator Reply:
Hi! We are happy to hear that you overall liked the product!On the subject of the lack of Endowments- first, currently we are not allowed to use Hunter: the Vigil 2e ruleset, so we are not able to update old Endowments to the new rules. Our basic assumption in this product was that it is not going to be a "stand alone", and that if someone were to use one of the Roles which require another book, they probably already have it. As as alternative, we have ovvered in one of the sidebars to replace the suggested Endowment with a Supernatural Merit which fits the Role. However, it may not have been the best course of action, and we currently consider adding some "example" Endowments which could be used in addition, and as such reduce the number of books required to use this product to its full potential. Thank you for your cirticism, and we hope you would like the updated version, once it will be availble.
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Dark Eras: Igniting the Fire
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