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Sources of Magick $4.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Terry R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2019 07:51:06

Mage makes the promise of showing players the infinite expanse of possibilities that is the Tellurian but sometimes has difficulty delivering on that. At current, M20 players receive something like lesss than one book a year and those books have a lot of ground to cover. The author attempts to fill out a little explained corner of Mage that is often quite vital, that of Nodes. The topic is particularly frought as M20 proved to be very hands off as regards the level of supernaturality/power/sorcery in any given Mage chronicle and didn't even go so far as to say "this is the default". The author does some work in providing a breadth of theories for what Nodes could be under various paradigms (none are purported to be canon) as well as the resonances with a given sphere that a Node may have. This at first felt like a useless complication but it provides ample story opportunities if an ST indicates that a particular ritual, effect, or action requires particularly attuned resonance regarding the Quintessence used. Following this is a wide breadth of of sample Nodes that fills a notable lacuna within Mage. Werewolf got an entire book on Caerns where Mage players at most got a discussion of Nodes spread over multiple texts and the somewhat complicated Book of Chantries.

This is the author's first step into entire books of novel concepts and systems and I'm pleased with the results, I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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Sources of Magick
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