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Mission Reports Volume 2 $3.95
Publisher: White Wolf
by DSC T. G. C. _. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/20/2019 16:51:12

Mission Reports Volume 2 to continues in the same vein as precessor. Mission Reports Volume 2 provides the background to play through two seperate missions. The book gives enough detail to get a storyteller started with each adventure with allowing the storyteller the freedom develop each mission as he or she sees fit.

The Tabletop Gaming club played through both missions and enjoyed themselves. Our group found the second mission involving the ghosts of animals to me the most enjoyable, but both missions are well done. The Tabletop Gaming club recommends this product to any storyteller wanted a quick mision plot to introduct their players to Orpheus.

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Mission Reports Volume 2
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