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Venice Unmasked $20.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Seamus C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/26/2019 15:11:04

"For me, Venice Unmasked sets a pleasant bar for fan works in White Wolf properties. Even if your campaign doesn’t take your players to Venice, it has a lot of cool ideas that can be grafted onto campaigns. Furthermore, it provides a really cool example for other prospective designers. Is there a festival or something else truly unique about the city you want to base your game around? Why shouldn’t you make a special event with it? Why shouldn’t an excited and passionate GM make an event in game where rules are turned on their heads, and when conspiracies and plots boil over? If anything, I believe this is the greatest gift that Venice Unmasked offers: inspiration to go beyond and let GMs do their thing."

Full review here: https://cannibalhalflinggaming-

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Venice Unmasked
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