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The Thousand Sanctioned Beasts — Martial Artists $10.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Anthony D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/14/2019 18:18:46

When I ran Exalted 3e, the biggest problem I would have was coming up with interesting combat encounters. The Adversaries of the Righteous series is nice, but it's so damned specific. What Rand has done with Thousand Sanctioned Beasts is a flexible, useful, interesting framework for more general encounters, derived from 13th Age. Here we have initiate/adept/master QC stats for martial artists along with eight schools and different abilities to go with them-- and additional stats for "Starry Eyed Master," "Yin-Yang master" and "Left Hand Path Master" -- respectively Sidereal, Getiminian and weirdly infernally empowered but not actually infernal. Taken together this gets you a lot of mooks, some interesting mid-range combatants, and a decent number of boss-fight, along with a strong seasoning of kung fu flavor for your Exalted game. It's extremely useful to anyone running the game, and I hope to see more products developed in this style.

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The Thousand Sanctioned Beasts — Martial Artists
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