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M20 Gods & Monsters $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Akaki K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/13/2019 03:38:39

It's okay.

Book is interesting, but not outstanding. To me, book splits into two part - human characters 17-77pg (why are these in book called Gods and Monster I'll never know), and actual gods and monsters. The human part of the book is garbage. Aiming to please the current guardians of social fashion, a book supposedly about Traditions drives SJW meter over 9000. Why is such a theme central in Gods and Monsters fantasy book I'll never know. I paid to see see Gods and Monsters, not page upon page of short bio's.

The monster part is incomparably better, the creators finally diverged from the standard European variety that is already famous enough. Still feel the book missed a lot for greater censorship and lack of space (due staffing half of it with bio's). But still, this part of the book is pretty good, especially if you're not into reading side material on myth and folklore.

My greatest beef is with the art. The art has lost cartoony, glossy feeling of the M20, but went in different direction with illustrations that look like unedited drawings. Yeah, it's in color but most of the painitngs are just not high quality and lack details. though, there are some hidden gems like 196 or 167 (loved it). In understand the want to give it a gloomy, serious look. But if you want to show a charcater, please do so - half formed blob is not enough.

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M20 Gods & Monsters
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