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Bordeaux by Night - Players Guide $14.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Lisa B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/25/2019 04:01:31

A great city sourcebook which contains a short-and-sweet introduction to French culture as relevant for playing a character in France, a detailed Kindred and mortal history of the city itself, helpful maps and insight into Bordeaux's physical and political geography, as well as a ton of interesting, varied NPCs with their own quirks and flaws, which fit right in with the city's atmosphere and background. To top it off, the book is laid out well and contains so much beautiful, original artwork. I can only recommend picking this up if you are interested in playing a game set in Bordeaux, and I hope the follow up book for storytellers will keep this high level of quality.

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Bordeaux by Night - Players Guide
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