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At the Crossroads $1.50
Publisher: White Wolf
by Ugnius D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/23/2019 05:17:23

The product contains almost no useful content for STs and no useful content for player characters. When buying this, I hoped to see some handy reference which could be used at the table, or some elaborations on pacts, easing the players/pact usage during the game, however the product has none of that. The product description claims it has summary rules and ready pactsigners. I could somewhat agree that it has helpful content for STs in ready to insert pact signers, or more their concepts, but at least that can be tailored to your game. Summary pact rules are non-existant as far as I'm concerned, as nobody having this product would be able to make a pact in the first place. I hoped to be able to recommend this to my players so they can easily figure out what pacts are and how to make them, but this book has 0 crunch in concern to it.

Suggestions to add: A one page reference for pact making, with mechanics/numbers, even if they're not explained in this book (that's what DtD is for), more examples of pacts, especially of varrying durations.

Now, I'll break down what you'll find in the product. It has a total of 5 pages of written content, and then some images there and there.

1st page - an intro to the product, no useful information 2nd page - a reminder of what pacts are, with no new/useful info. It doesn't feel like it would be useful for a short "what's a pact" either, as after reading this a player would need to go and read the relevant sections in the core book anyways. When buying this, I expected some reference, possibly even a printable one to ease the creation of pacts during sessions. Sadly, this won't give any help in that respect at all. 3rd and 4th page (technically these pages take 3 pages of space, but two of them have half taken away with images) - are probably the only possibly useful part of this book. It contains some short/insertable character concepts, with minimum stats (ideas for possible background, aspirations, virtue, vice, note-able traits) which could easily be used as random NPCs in town, which would likely agree to a pact. 5th page - a repeat about some stuff from the book, alongside a rules suggestion on how "pacts" could be split.

Overall, I would not recommend this.

Giving it a 2, just because it's still someone trying to make more content for DtD. I really think a supplement like this is needed for the game, but it needs to be expanded.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you very much for your thoughtful critique. I will keep these items in mind for future product updates, in particular with regard to discussing duration of pacts and additional summary Pactbound stats.

I must admit a bit of confusion regarding the assessment, "2nd page - a reminder of what pacts are, with no new/useful info." in light of the suggestion to add " one page reference for pact making, with mechanics/numbers, even if they're not explained in this book (that's what DtD is for)" as I feel the page presents that very thing, including the rating ranges for the covered aspects and pointing the user to the relevant pages in DTD. If there is a more useful way to structure that data, I would be happy to look into creating that. I welcome your thoughts in this regard on the discussion page.

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At the Crossroads
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