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The Hunger Within $5.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Michael A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2019 18:07:49

I actually playtested this scenario nearly six years ago, so it's great to see it in print!

The Hunger Within is a tightly designed SAS adventure for Chronicles of Darkness divided in two acts - investigation with creeping dread followed by tense action. The story can be run in a three-four hour session, making it perfect for convention play, store demos, or one shots with friends. Additionally, the adventure comes with four pregenerated characters, so you can play it with minimal prep.

The adventure is set in rural England, which provides a nice alternative to all of the official SAS adventures that are set in the United States. There aren't many cops around, and the players will need to solve their problems without resorting to firearms. That said, The Hunger Within can be easily adapted to anywhere in the world!

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The Hunger Within
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