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Spectral Hunger $1.49
Publisher: White Wolf
by Justin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/31/2019 21:19:33

This is a really cool supplement for a surprisingly low price. I'm not an Ordo Dracul fan, but as someone who plays and STs I can see ample use for the powers here among players and NPC antagonists. That said, the writer points out that to really get use out of this you will need one of the books that has rules for ephemeral entities (absent in Vampire the Requiem 2e). These can be found in Chronicles of Darkness 2e, the second editions of Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, and Promethean the Created, as well as Demon the Descent.

The first is Lemurifex which is a full Discipline, anyone can learn once they do a certain deed. 1-5 Discipline abilities, and 2 Devotions and 1 Merit. This Discipline is all about ghosts, and if you were rightfully disappointed with the ghost-oriented Disciplines in first edition, including the abilities of the Dragolescu bloodline, this will definitely be what you want. The power comes at ghosts the way vampires do with humans. They're prey, tools to be used. In addition to being able to eat from them and interact with them, a practitioner of Lemurifex can even ghoul ghosts. And that's not even the peak ability, as there's others that allow for the vampire to alter and change the ghost, physically and spiritually, to suit the vampire's liking. My only problem with the book was in this, my favorite section. It mentions torpor-dreams that might occur when a vampire has learned this ability, but I think it could have used some time, maybe a sidebar or something, to explain what STs should be doing with this.

Then the Mystery of Polyphonte which takes, I think, a very interesting view of the strix. The Mystery is two-fold, offering the ability to fight the strix on their own terms, but also allowing the Dragon to gain the powers of these so-called vampire progenitors. The Strix are rather hard to deal with, requiring a few rare abilities that don't particularly seem made for fighting them, and an Ordo with this Mystery will definitely be able to get their coterie to go toe-to-toe with the wily shadowy predators. The learning of Strix powers does not skimp, there is body jacking. Five Coils, five Scales.

The Mystery Tenebrous could be seen as a 2e upgrade of 1sts Blood Tenebrous Discipline, which allowed vampires to deal with spirits. But taking it the route of the Mystery and Coils of the Ordo definitely allows a wielder to expand on that. One doesn't 'merely' gain an ability to feed and deal with spirits, but to take their powers into them and gain new and interesting servants. Five Coils, Five Scales.

There is also another Merit that can be used with any of the Mysteries or Discipline.

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Spectral Hunger
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