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Dark New England Regional Sourcebook $12.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by jérôme b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/21/2018 12:54:20

First to say: english is not my mothertongue so please excuse any mistake in this review. And i will add that the book is very easy to read so don't hesitate if you're not an english native.

This book is the result of a dedicated work !

This is not only well written and very cool to read… There is at least one idea every page. And i would like to use them soon or later in a chronicle. I particulary love Toro’s idea. A poor little Gargoyle lost after the destruction of his master by… I won’t tell you, buy the book and find out what happened. I’ll just say that Toro is a complete Tragedy character. And that’s not the only one ideas i love… (Mystic band, Laconia and his Biker’s week, How Milliner get his hand on Boston,…)

This book gives you some ideas/background and place of interest about every New England state and they all sounds so nice. There is also some advices about how to start your chronicle there.

But the biggest part of it is the Three Native Kindred Clans ! I always found it’s a bit sad that all the clans were like European to mid-East centered. Those clans give you 3 complemantary and interesting new « Bloodlines » with very specific weaknesses and history. I particulary liked the Lëpweokàn and their way to see the Embrace as a community’s decision.

The book also ends with a bunch of story hook that can give you some inspiration to make a quick game one evening about a particular point in the book. Bonus point : there is a Dropkick Murphys’ quote… I mean there is a story about The Giovanni.

And there’s so much more to undercover, it’s just sad i can’t give it 10 stars.

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Dark New England Regional Sourcebook
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