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Hunters Hunted: Awakening Solo Chronicles $8.80
Publisher: White Wolf
by A. M. P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/18/2018 09:00:28

Review: Hunters the Awakening – Solo Chronicles 1&2

by Andrè M. Pietroschek

In hope of reciprocal or quit-pro-quo reviewing I attempted to test, if more community initiative would attract more customers to the storytellers vault and our files for sale.

The download we get was made of 3 parts. The main file, as PDF, and an update note by Mana Verde game design plus a PDF with more notes.

The Chronicles are presented in artful layout, and illustrations are actually fully OK. I could give 5 stars for that part.

Contextually I am personally displeased, as this is a blend of fighting fantasy with the World of Darkness, specifically Vampire the Masquerade.

What I found lacking is embedding the idea into a proper SAS (Storytelling Adventure System) way of game guiding and prose. It is too much about fighting, and it is not proper dramatis personae, when a character has higher fighting skills than profession skills.

Further the lack of invested effort in this part, the part which author and storyteller aka game guide are always the most about, could raise the suspicion of a copycat or plagiarism here.

The story we play is a decent solo adventure, but once again: I do not know any World of Darkness approach keeping it that much generic. For me it reduced the quality and entertainment aspect, but I don't like to make an offer and than give a 1 star review.

Contacting the author was easy, quick responses, and friendly enough for my taste. Still that does not mean I would not want customers to know my true evaluation, even though I kept it more diplomatic than I consider due.

The idea of blending fighting fantasy with WoD, if legally applied and presented in quality, IS splendid, as I am a decade long fan of the Lone Wolf series & Fighting Fantasy game books or

I give 3 stars, but know that some hours of effort, and license mentioning, if needed by law, could make this idea into a most impressing 5 star work. Sadly I am not very good at motivating fellow authors at all...

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Hunters Hunted: Awakening Solo Chronicles
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