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Arms of the Chosen $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/07/2017 19:30:12

This is a neat collection of Artifacts for Exalted 3E. There are some very cool weapons and armour, and I haven't really even delved into the section on Warstriders yet. A couple of disappointing things, which for the record aren't things that were done poorly, just things that I had hoped for from the book that aren't present.

  • There are only 5 artifacts that aren't weapons or armour, 7 if you include the two vehicles. EDIT - There are also quite a few hearthstones as well as 5 "natural magic" items, so this point isn't accurate.
  • There's no errata or updates for the artifacts from the core book. I was really hoping for an update on Dauntless, the 5 dot armour, as it really doesn't hold up to 5 dot standards at all - especially the essence 3 evocation, Champion's Fatal Strike.
  • There's about one page of info on creating custom evocations, which pretty much boils down to "make it feel like a combination of the wielder and the artifact's personality, and don't ressurect the dead or enable time travel." This is a little disappointing, as I was hoping for more help on the technical side of balancing artifacts, but I guess the rest of the book helps with that just through providing a large number of examples.

That said, there are some very cool weapons and armour included in this book, including some that I would be afraid to let my players get ahold of due to their sheer game-warping power, and that's speaking from an Exalted standpoint. Also, some neat examples of providing new mechanics, although those frequently boil down to an extra type of "fuel" to track for that particular artifact. Still, some fun ideas. Whether or not you buy this is pretty simple - are you planning on playing Exalted, and do you want more artifact selection than the core book offers? If so, buy this. Don't buy it if you're just looking for more setting info. There's a little of that in here, but not much beyond talking about magical materials, and the strange places that some artifacts come from. There is a neat page-long story written from the perspective of an Abyssal, though, that was cool.

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Arms of the Chosen
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