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Hunter's Armory 1 $6.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Edward P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/09/2017 13:07:30

I think this might become a must have series. The only problem I can think of is I think the author would get better use out of using dots (either reflecting Resources/Contacts to obtain) instead of MSRP. It is a nitpick, and one that is easy to overlook. I learned a few things about guns, and I have effectively owned two versions of this book for different systems. The author strove for updated information and accuracy, and it really shows.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks very much for the review! I actually really liked your suggestion, and in the third volume of the series I adopted the dot system to represent the amount of resources in place of the MSRP. Thanks for the support and good game!
Hey there! I'm hero to announce the new update that features the dot system you mentioned, and much more. Thanks again for the support, good gaming!
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Hunter's Armory 1
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