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A Singular Darkness: One Page Chronicle Jumpstart $1.50
Publisher: White Wolf
by David B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/22/2017 09:47:26

As with Things Go Southly, another in this series of Jumpstarts, this one remains very open ended and adjustable. It does focus on one specific character, though, and at least suggests an overspecific immediate background. But these specifics, upon reflection, can alter pretty easily. Instead of one vampire at the bar, it could be two or three (or even more). The location of the bar could be altered. For that matter, the central Kindred character might well be a friend or ally of the PCs. Exactly what the seeming Antagonist is up to remains vague, but then that seems the point. So this might well word, and very well too. Looking back on my own Chronicles, this could have "fit in" with little trouble.

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Creator Reply:
The design for this was a tad different as this one was the first I wrote. It riffs off details on Dark Colony, but could easily be brought into a different location like you say. I also had planned for the shop to be a bookstore, but a bar works as well!
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A Singular Darkness:  One Page  Chronicle Jumpstart
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