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Hunter: Tooth and Nail $3.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/12/2017 16:50:54

Hit or miss, but more hits than the core Beast the Primordial book with less awkward rhetoric. Anything to do with Heroes is sadly terrible, and the Reckoning compact is predictably bad, but the other two (Merrick Institute and Yuri's Group) fit the world well, with Yuri's Group being a good addition to most games and Merrick Institute more specifically anti-Beast.

For the most part, the writing struggles in places to defend the Beasts as a concept. Where Beasts are another monster to be illuminated by the Vigil, the book works better. This is less than surprising, considering the awkward attempt to force the Beasts as a crossover friendly ENE has never really worked. The usefulness of the book is crippled by this dichotomy, and instead of two different viewpoints of the same thing the reader is left with views of two entirely different things.

I can't see anyone running a pure Hunters vs Beasts game based on the limited content available here. As an extra piece to a full crossover style game, Tooth and Nail does the job as a solid if unremarkable addition to the Hunter line. Mortal Remains, Slasher, and Witch Finders and set the bar very high, with two of the Big Three coming in below it (Spirit Slayers and Night Stalkers). Tooth and Nail falls lower still, but not to mediocrity.

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Hunter: Tooth and Nail
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