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A Day Dark as Night (Exalted 1)
Publisher: White Wolf
by Ismael A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2016 00:34:04

This story is an evolution of Exalted stories. Written after, perhaps instead of the previous three volumes, it does a better job of presenting the setting and characters. It uses iconic characters to a better degree, and seems to be more confident in the space that it explores. Perhaps that is merely thanks to the familiarity that the authors (and audience) were able to develop with the setting.

That this book is free makes it an excellent entry point to the setting, and the writing is excellent.

This is a fun romp in the Exalted setting, and it reads smoothly while giving you a wonderful snapshot of Creation.

5 stars.

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A Day Dark as Night (Exalted 1)
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