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Dark Ages: Fae
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Elaine G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/01/2016 22:07:34

I loved Changeling: the Dreaming. The brightly colored books, the imaginary journies and the adventures of high fantasy spawned many, many fond memories. It could be darker if you made it that way, or light enough for very young players.

The drawback was that I always played it as a stand alone. We rolled Changeling characters and played them together through remarkable adventures. It never seemed to fit quite right with Vampire and Werewolf in spite of the Fianna and other crossover possibilities.

Dark Ages: Fae feels much more like the classic World of Darkness and I thought it meshed better with Vampire and Werewolf. In fact, the older versions of Werewolf (like Rite of Passage) leaned more toward this than Changeling: the Dreaming. These are beings of power, passion, immortality and legend. They do things like turn offenders into trees or bring down mountains on an entire village because humans broke a vow their great great great grandparent made. The Fae of legend and myth weren't nice or playful. Capricious and dangerous, they were known as "the Good Folk" or "Fair Folk" because people didn't speak their names. They aren't evil by any means, but they are different in the same way the other supernatural denizens of the world have their unique points of view. This book covers all of that and gives you the ability to stand toe to toe with a vampire or werewolf in the world.

Ultimately, I ended up adopting this book over Changeling for my V:TM and WW:TA games.

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Dark Ages: Fae
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