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The Pack $9.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/13/2016 12:12:36

Great book, just the thing Werewolf the Forsaken needed. Fleshes out some of what needed to be fleshed out, gives some interesting new options. If I had a real complaint it would be the shortness of the book. It's only 105 pages long including the front and rear cover, the margins are a little thick and it seems like there could have been more. But alternatively it is nicely priced for its brevity.

First Chapter has four sample packs and shows what the pack is like and how it operates from inside and out, including things like recruitment, solving disputes and duties through these four packs so you get a rounded out picture of the average pack that can then be used in games. One thing missing that I'd have liked to have seen is how they react to the death of a member. It follows this up with advice for an 'origin story' where you can start a game by playing the First Hunt of the pack, a nice touch that can help you put games together without handwaving how they all got started. It ends with optional rules for Troupe Play, a new aspect called Hunting Nature, and Pack Merits.

Second Chapter goes from macrocosm to microcosm, showing the individuals in the pack, what they do at rest, at task, and on the hunt as well as elsewhere. It does this for Werewolves, Wolf-Blooded and Humans, then the Totem, who as of second edition is a full member of the pack and not a distant patron. It also introduces advice for two other possible packmates, 'real' wolves and spirits, along with some neat quirks they might bring to a pack upon membership. Then it covers the Other, including members of the pack from every other gameline. I think the vampire and mage sections were a little biased against and for, and the mood changes from the aggressive to the timid, but it's just a few paragraphs that seem at odd with the setting described. The chapter finishes up with some pack tactics and a rule system to create new ones, some expanded rules for totems and a trio of sample totems.

Third Chapter stole a lot of the show for me. It starts expanding on protectorates, 'packs of packs' shown in second edition core and a dream back in first edition. Then it follows up with long-awaited rules for Lodges, a series of strange almost heretical sub-tribes that offers a lot to the game in terms of depth and validating the mood and themes of Werewolf. There's a loose guide to creating your own lodges, as well as five lodges that show off various aspects of the game from different angles. The Thousand Steel Teeth focus on how the Sacred Hunt is performed, the Eaters of the Dead as a lodge that might become a Tribe, the Lodge of Garm the God-Eater as a tribal pillar, the Lodge of the Screaming Moon, showing a lodge ruled by a lune that delves heavily into auspice, and lastly the bizarre and blasphemous Temple of Apollo. Pillars are a new thing brought in that adds some depth and hierarchy to tribes.

Last Chapter brings us three new Hunting Grounds. Nicely fleshed out and intriguing, they show wolves all over the world. Dubai is currently struggling under the manipulations of a powerful supernatural mastermind and enslaver. Malta acts as a Casablanca of the supernatural world, with everyone allowed providing they follow the rules of the tribe there that guards the world from its End. And Bangkok, sort of the Werewolf Myth in modern age, with a far more recent paradise lost that all the tribes are trying to recreate, under their control.

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The Pack
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