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Masters of Jade $5.95 $4.46
Publisher: White Wolf
by Sensible C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/13/2019 11:06:41

WARNING: I bought the pdf copy for six dollars. I read another review saying the paper quality of the actual book is poor compared to others in the same product line. Heads up!

This title is about The Guild and how they have built a trade network from the ground up that spans creation. The Guild is composed mostly of mortals, not creatures of the night and especially not the Solar Exalted. The Guild was built after the fall of the first age by mortals that felt betrayed/abandoned during the collapse. I like economic games video games and pen and paper games that incorporate stream lined rules for businesses. Masters of Jade did a fantastic job of this and if your interested, check out "Worlds Apart" and "A Song of Fire and Ice" for good economic/organization rules.

I've read a lot of White Wolf products and created many creatures of night with my players over the years. The most reviled of all the creatures of the night used to be the Fae/Changelings before I experienced this capitalist nightmare. The Guild's use of casual slavery for profit is really disturbing, but what else should I have expected from a White Wolf product? I don't know how most of these people don't think they will be haunted by wraiths or go to Malfeas/Yomi Wan when they depart from their mortal coil.

One of my main complaints about Vampire: The Masquerade is that creatures of the night are mostly unaware of each other until it comes to blows. I liked Masters of Jade since it tied mortals, exalted, changeling [Rakshas], and Wraiths together in a realistic way. Overall it was a great read and worth the six bucks I paid for it.

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Masters of Jade
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