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Fairy Godmothers Pay What You Want
Publisher: White Wolf
by Charles S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/10/2019 00:54:44

This odd craftbook really feels like it should be a kith of Changelings rather than a craft of Mages. Their focus is on using the whimsy and wonder of children to power their magick...which doesn't really fit into any version of the Mage metaphysics that I've seen, but fits perfectly into Changeling: the Dreaming. In fact, the origin story for the craft even involves a Changeling story, though one that feels halfway between Dreaming and Lost. However, there is then talk of enslaved changelings, which seems like it would destroy them through banality extremely quickly. Typos abound ("price" instead of "prize" for example on page 4) and there is no significant formatting. Overall, this craft makes little sense in the context of Mage and could fit better as perhaps a kith in Changeling but very much feels shoehorned into Mage.

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Fairy Godmothers
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