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A Phoenix Rising $6.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Terry R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/09/2019 10:06:32

This book is a valiant attempt at advancing the metaplot post M20 in ways that provide interesting avenues for play. The book posits that after some down time, the Traditions are attempting to reform some sort of at least semi-centralized entity to coordinate activities and disseminate information. The book posits a few ways this could be done and a cast of characters that could make it possible. It's $6.00, includes art, and is a good length all things considered.


  • A novel Technocrat theory is advanced that the Traditions are necessary as a kind of escape valve for loonies lest they turn into more troublesome elements such as the Nephandi or the Marauders
  • Not only do you get characters you also get organizations which can sometimes prove difficult to invent.
  • There's simply a fat character. Mage seemingly has none of those.

I wish:

  • I wish there were proper modules/adventures/scenes. This is more of a future-facing desire as I don't expect something this brief to have full write-ups.

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A Phoenix Rising
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