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Progenitors Crash Cart, Issue 2 $2.50
Publisher: White Wolf
by matthew p. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2019 19:15:40

The Progenitors Crash Cart took an interesting approach when organizing and presenting this book. All of the book spirals our from a single spindling point. This point is the fully fleshed our character Dr. Evan Grillard. The first chapter of the book covers the Doctor's history, current situation and a full character sheet. The following chapter after that covers in much greater details about organizations and the forces surrounding the Doctor and the city around him. The final go into merits, gear and rotes that would be used by progenitors. But all finding ways to connect back to this central npc.

It was a fresh approach and the book makes it easy to base a story or even a campaign off the information presented just using this book. From werewolf biker gang to an entrenched Verbrena covenant. Even a mention of a nearby Black Spiral Hive. But to learn more pick up the book for yourself and give it a read.

I should start this part with I'm not a good judge of art by any means. But, as much as I like this book I need to say, the art felt off. I like the art and the text, they seemed to having a jarring effect put together in this book. However, this is just my opinion.

This supplement is useful in the hands of a Storyteller. It has great detail and plenty of ideas to pull from. I give this product 7 out of 10.

Resonance granted for by this review is Bad Medicine.

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Progenitors Crash Cart, Issue 2
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