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SotM's one shots - Mens Sana $5.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Nicolas V. - V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/10/2019 10:11:03

Although the basic idea is interesting and merits further development, this is actually not a scenario, neither a supplement, it is just a starting concept with little clues and vague descrpitive content. For the price, its description and its rating, I would have hoped for a more complete book.

Descriptions of the locations and background of the protagonists is vague (e.g. details on how the coterie haven is hidden, details on actions undertaken by the antagonists so far and planned in the future instead of some vague one liners, etc.).

A Storyteller wanting to use this basic idea, would require a lot of additional work to further develop what is missing.

I would not recommend to buy this for the price required (and I got it on a 20% rebate...), the art content is not even original which might have justified a higher price for the overall content..

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SotM's one shots - Mens Sana
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