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Guide to the Sabbat
Publisher: White Wolf
by Paul H. D. B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/17/2013 14:03:32

Vampire the Masquerade laid strong framework for the Sabbat and included the Code of Milan. This book further develops the Sabbat with great finesse and attention to detail. It is very complete and very intuitive. The ranks, rituals and philosophies of this sect of Vampire society are all expertly revealed. Any novice or professional writer would do well to purchase this guide. However, the section on the ghouls is rather gratuitous and not realistic in parts. As a whole the Sabbat wouldn't treat their ghouls as such lowly creatures. The sum of its parts would, as the fragments of any civilization would mistreat some of their people, but given the Ghoul's greater adaptability to daylight than vampires, it does not stand to reason that the Sabbat would abuse them. Their status as shock troops and menial servants is fully plausible and well expressed, but the disdain and arbitrary disposal for ghouls is too shortsighted a conception to be used in a narrative context.

Without this minor inconsistency, I would have given the book a five star rating. It's pity that the writers gave into excess with the ghouls. They could have depicted them in a more reasonable fashion. However, the rest of the text contains the most useful information that any Vampire fan could wish to find on the most sinister and insidious Sect of Vampire civilization.

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Guide to the Sabbat
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