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100 Red Talon Kinfolk $1.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Julia R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/07/2022 16:55:20

The "100 Kinfolk" series on the Storytellers Vault is an expansive one, but the Red Talons one draws attention immediately. Other tribes' Kinfolk collections lean heavily on the human side for obvious reasons, but this one has only wolves to work with. This 17-page PDF succeeds wildly at the challenge, treating wolf Kinfolk as individuals with unique personalities, histories, homes and abilities.

Each Kinfolk profile is a brief paragraph, a couple of sentences, but packs a lot into each one. A name and the defining characteristics of each one are what you get. This can include salient features of their appearance, how they communicate, hunting styles, past events in their life and how it shaped them, how they aid their packs and potentially even their Garou kin, their habitats and how they've adapted to them, and notable capabilities.

The Kinfolk supplied range from a description that could realistically depict a literal wolf in our world to more self-aware creatures that lean on the idea that Kinfolk wolves can be basically sapient. The great thing is, even if a described wolf goes "too far" for your version of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, you can easily tweak any of these descriptions into a lupus proper. (I'll note that this is a feature of the series as a whole. You're getting 100 Kinfolk in each one, but you're also potentially getting 100 Garou - the vast majority of concepts translate easily into a full-blown shifter as well!)

Would recommend to either STs who need a stable of at-the-ready NPC concepts or players who are struggling to come up with a playable character for the next campaign, it's easily worth the $1.99 USD asking price.

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100 Red Talon Kinfolk
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