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M20 The Rich Bastard’s Guide to Magick $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Charles S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/24/2021 00:49:37

I had forgotten that Mage books could be fun. So many of the books in the M20 line have been unrelenting misery porn and hopelessness (reaching the peak with Book of the Fallen) that this is just a breath of fresh air. A quick Chapter by Chapter review below:


This is really the main place where the book acts like the fun police, reminding you that money corrupts and all sorts of bad things.'s like 2 pages.

Chapter One: Money and the Mage

The main thrust of this chapter is to describe how the various factions view money and how it influences them. It has a little scolding, but also a bunch of great ideas, like Akashayana Action Accountants.

Chapter Two: Creating Rich Characters

This chapter is a little thin, mostly it's on talking about where wealth comes from and adding some new Archetypes (and how wealth impacts old ones) and new Merits and Flaws.

Chapter Three: Monetary Magick

Here's where the good shit really gets going. This book contains 27 Rotes, 3 for each Sphere, and they're split up to be useful. One of them is a 1-2 dot rote, one a 3-4, and one a 5, so whatever power level you're playing at there's something for you. And they're generally creative and fun. It's hard to pick a favorite, but Company in a Box has to be mine. Just...create a Primal Venture from nothing, but over time, you can make it real. Including turning people you created into real people with normal lives integrated into society. It's a wonderful plot hook in the form of a Master of Prime (read Primal Utility) rote. The chapter also includes some Focus elements, most of which are good, though I dispute the description of Cryptocurrency in the early version I've got for technical reasons.

Chapter Four: Membership has its Privileges

An interesting chapter on what groups of super wealthy mages are up to, many of which cut across faction, because at Resources 6, a Progenitor and a Hermetic may have more in common than they do with the hoi polloi of the Union and Traditions.

Chapter Five: The Best Money Can Buy

Wonders. So many Wonders, and they're ridiculous and over the top in all the right ways. A painting made by cutting up ten masterpieces. A tactical war cloud. A Wonder that makes making Wonders easier. It's all here. I had to stop several times to show something to people, because this chapter is just...well, to be a bit on the nose, solid gold.

Chapter Six: Storytelling the Rich and Famous

Suggestions for how to handle the sort of wealth this book talks about in your game. How characters can acquire it, what makes it worth opening this box, plot hooks, etc.

Overall, a solid book that I can't recommend enough, especially to counter the "Nephandi are everywhere and they've already won so what's the point?" feeling that many people have complained about throughout M20.

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M20 The Rich Bastard’s Guide to Magick
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