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Sorcerer: Paths of Power $14.99 $12.74
Publisher: White Wolf
by Elijah D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2021 17:16:25

Sorcerer : Paths of Power is the definitive treatment of hedge/ linear magic in the Owod . clocking in at 164 or so pages ( Sorcerer revised is 130 pages ) ,It builds on, clarifies , and updates the source material to the standard of the 20th anniversary iteration of the rules . It also provides one of the best explanations of focus i have yet to read . This may be my all time favorite purchases from the Storytellers vault: its one of the works that just screams for a POD release. Charles Siegel does good work .This is his best yet . Buy This !!

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Sorcerer: Paths of Power
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