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Twists of Obscenity: Esoterica of the Baali $12.99 $11.04
Publisher: White Wolf
by Scott W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/21/2021 21:45:17

Its a fun read!

The bones are solid. The meat and viscera hung off those bones offers some strong narrative physique. The storytelling bits are... maybe a little too late-90's "quippy" for my tastes... but it does suit the tone and timbre of established source material.

This is not your grandad's Baali, though. This is "Harry Dresden got flayed alive, went to Hell, and all I got was this stupid tee-shirt."-Baali. Which is not at all saying anything is bad. It's just an acquired taste. Maybe you'll dig it. Maybe you won't.

However, if the notion of Josh Whedon and Quentin Tarantino having a discussion over plates of cannibal BBQ in an abattoir (that was very recently a classic 50's diner) appeals to you... I think you'd like this book.

Also, grandad's Baali were delusional prats and this infernal tee-shirt speaks only The Truth™.

Anyhow, Boomer & Weinberg successfully manage to get sinister and insidiously macabre on the subject matter of demons and cultists. They do so without making this chapter of the World of Darkness look like yet another RPG rendition of a heavy metal album's cover art. Instead, they get in your head and make you ponder the Baali mindset through flavorful storytelling opportunities. Those opportunities are often hinged on deceptively insightful game mechanics. Moreover, they offer a sense of humor and thoughtfulness in the process.

They know the game. They know gamers. They know you're going to jump straight to the part of the book with the special fun toys, tools, and trinkets. So they display the right decor in the obvious places. They tuck the dark stuff just out of sight in your peripheral vision. Then they let you experience the horror for yourself... letting it hang in the negative space where it can get a good look at you rummaging through the toy bin.

Frankly, that's a fuckin' accomplishment.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Twists of Obscenity: Esoterica of the Baali
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