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Clanbook: Assamite - Revised Edition
Publisher: White Wolf
by Holden S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/17/2011 03:10:24

Just ordered this book in Print-on-Demand form. The book is clean, clearly-printed, with a tight spine--at a glance, the only thing that distinguishes it from the traditionally published clanbooks on my shelf is the lack of age-yellowing on the pages.

In terms of content, the book is wonderful, bringing great depth and variation to a Clan that is easy to dismiss as a pack of one-note murderers. The three Assamite castes (Warriors, Sorcerers, Viziers) are given full in-depth coverage, as is the schism that drives many Assamites into the surprised arms of the Camarilla in the modern nights. This opens up the opportunity to play Assamites in a much wider variety of games than the Vampire corebook suggests. I would definitely recommend this book for any Vampire fan.

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Clanbook: Assamite - Revised Edition
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