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SotM's Guide to Siring $4.49
Publisher: White Wolf
by Matthew P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/28/2020 21:06:09

I didn't really feel like I got much out of this supplement. The reasons given for why a vampire would sire someone felt pretty obvious, and very removed from night to night vampiric politics. Embrace "for the lulz", boredom, and solitude felt like 3 of the same reason, for instance. I also have a hard time imagining the vampire that has a spare boon lying around to just Embrace with on a whim, but hey, Camarilla Elder without any enemies I guess? I was hoping for more explanation of when to ghoul vs when to sire, but that dichotomy, while hinted at, didn't get any line space.

The three mortals presented felt kinda bland, but they only get a page each so that isn't too bad. It got better for me when contrasting how the same person getting sired by three different vampires for different reasons would turn out. That said, I felt the level of detail presented was below that I'd get from a company book.

Wasn't really helpful for me, but for >$5, give it a read and you might have a different opinion.

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Creator Reply:
Hello Matthew,

Thank you so much for your review. I'm sorry the book wasn't all that useful to you.

Boredom, Lulz and solitude may seem similar but they appeal to different aspects of the psyche. It seems I wasn't explicit enough to make their differences notable, and I didn't go into details about why ghoul vs why sire, both of which I'm taking into account to revise and update the book. They're also not all meant to be strictly enforced Camarilla rules types of embraces, hence why some more lax reasons can happen without needing the boons for a classical embrace.

The details of the characters were scare because they're meant to be appropriated and adapted to the story; the empty spaces are meant for player and storyteller customization for the city, for the sire, for the hooks to tie in. Mariam in Chicago is not going to be the same as Mariam in Brussels.

I'll make sure to make future books better, and update this one so it becomes more useful to you and others!

Take care,

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SotM's Guide to Siring
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