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Publisher: White Wolf
by Brian G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/15/2010 16:52:57

The scan is readable. Some pages are slightly angled and mildly blurred due to the book's binding. A few pages are out of order, but all are accounted for.

This book is long since out-of-print and hard to find affordably, even on e-bay.

Don't waste your time looking on P2P networks or torrent trackers trying to find this book. This is probably the only clean digital copy on the internet right now.

Overall: The price is fair, and the copy is game-worthy, but I expect more from a paid-for pdf. */***

Things that would improve this e-book: Cut the pages out squarely and rescan Use Character Recognition software to digitize text Be more aware of page order Add logical bookmarks for faster navigation

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