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Bloodline Cambridge $2.50
Publisher: White Wolf
by Drew S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/26/2018 18:55:12

TL;DR: Great concept of a bloodline based on twins, but it falls down a little on the execution.

The Cambridge Bloodline is a custom bloodline that exclusively Embraces identical twins from within the family. One twin receives the Embrace, while the other is ghouled in order to act as a caretaker and conscience. That's a really cool idea, and can work extremely well for antagonists- knowing that Alex is a vampire, and yet seeing her walking around during the day will be an excellent plot twist. I could also see the Cambridge bloodline being a lot of fun for the right players, although I suspect that it would have to almost be only the two players, or risk the game getting eaten by Cambridge Stuff (tm).

I do wish there was a bit more in there about what happens when one twin dies if the other lives, and/or playing with more identical twin weird synchronicity tropes.

The Discipline spread of the vampire side of the lineage is Dominate, Temporis, and Thaumaturgy -which makes very little sense, and feel like they were picked more for power than appropriateness. Temporis especially sticks out; I'm willing to give Thaumaturgy a pass (with a bit of a side eye) owing to the backstory and the mystical connection shared between the twins, but bringing Temporis should always mean a significant focus on the nature of time- really, it's a Discipline that should almost never show up in a bloodline unless you're playing directly in/with the Brujah/True Brujah split.

The combo disciplines at the end also suffer from this a bit. Cohabitation and Merging are basically just a superior Possession; Cohabitation also only requires Dominate 4 and Temporis 2, meaning that you could get Possession-but-Better before even getting actual Possession. In line with the 'wish for more twin hinky nonsense', I would rather have seen a custom Discipline in place of Temporis, focused on weird twin synchroncity stuff. Knowing where one another are, sharing senses, sharing Willpower, sharing blood, sharing damage, etc.

Presentation is generally solid. It uses the two column format, and I really like the Cambridge bloodline icon; it feels very fitting. The art is otherwise a bit spare, but generally well selected.

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Bloodline Cambridge
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