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Never-Real Worlds
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Charles S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/13/2022 14:20:42

Never-Real Worlds provides charts for randomly generating Paradox Realms. Implicit in it is an approach to Paradox Realms that isn't quite in the books but makes them much more functional: that they should be a series of small challenges to overcome for the player and character (and suggests using some aspects of this book for other things, like Seekings and just strange corners of the World of Darkness). Overall this is welcome. Turning a thing that is honestly only vaguely defined in the official supplements into something with enough structure that sending a PC to a Paradox Realm doesn't truly destroy the flow of the game (or act as a non-standard Game Over) is a good achievement. The book also has a fun approach to the art: most of it is landscapes from artbreeder, a publicly accessible AI, which lends a certain "not quite right" and surreal quality to much of it.

The only significant criticism I have is that the author seems to think that 2d10 and d20 but no 1 are similar probability distributions, and may not realize that one of the tables is going to be very strongly weighted towards a few outcomes when it seems the intention was to make them all about equal. An easily fixed problem as most games should have a d20 lying around, or can simulate it with an odds/evens roll for the tens digit and a d10 for the ones digit to get numbers 00 through 19, adn either add 1 or call 00 as 20 as a workaround.

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