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Five Parsecs From Home - Solo Adventure Wargaming
Publisher: Modiphius
by Erik R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/28/2021 09:51:16

This is really a stellar game. It's a neat blend of wargaming, rpgs, campaign systems and solitaire play. For the uniniated, you take a band of heroes out into the far fringes of the galaxy and play out a story. It's something like Firefly meets Trigun meets Mass Effect, and you're the poor jerks just trying to make a living out there. The game really shines in its campaign system, with tables and events that don't feel random but rather like part of an evolving plot if you let your imagination run. The combat gameplay is fine, complexity wise it's well suited to solo play. Some players might find it a bit too simple for their tastes, but it's easy enough to tweak (or even outright replace).

To be fair, I've been a fan of Five Parsecs and Nordic Weasel for a long time, so my review is not without bias. But, that said, this is definitely the best version of the game that I've laid eyes on. For players of the second edition, there are some new surprises, but overall it's the same game. But it's clear that Modiphius has really stepped up to the plate and turned what was already a great game into an excellent product. The color and layouts are neat and the art is pretty good. A much appreciated section on the "Unity" universe has been added (though it will seem quite familiar to fans of Renegade Scout), and there are plenty of extras and goodies. It's well worth the price and I really look forward to seeing what else Nordic Weasel and Modiphius can do together.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Five Parsecs From Home - Solo Adventure Wargaming
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