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Stargate SG1-28: Kali's Wrath $4.99
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Stargate SG1-28: Kali\'s Wrath
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Stargate SG1-28: Kali's Wrath
Publisher: Crossroad Press Publishing
by Steffie d. V. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/14/2019 17:38:58

Want to know more about Kali (the Goa'uld)? How about a mission where Sam and Bra'tac team up? More of the mysterious Reetou? Well, the last are a bit under-utilized (I.... know exactly as much about them as I did before reading this), but the first two definitely deliver. Bonus point for more background on the early days of the Goa'uld's dominion on Earth.

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