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Bordeaux by Night - Players Guide $14.99
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Bordeaux by Night - Players Guide
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Arby S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/28/2019 07:29:13

This is the player's guide to a series of two books, meant to introduce players to the culture and life of the southern French city of Bordeaux, and how to faithfully portray a person who lived their entire life there. It also has a primer on the history, politics and intrigues of the city's Kindred populace, the major power plays, some notables, their known personalities and goals and agendas, with a huge diversity of character worldviews and beliefs, written in an unbiased manner. The book is littered with gorgeous art and excellent art direction. And while it's not really enough to play a game on its own, it's definitely worth a read out of the sheer quality of the content alone.

Five stars.

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