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Dark Ages: Vampire Second Edition Templates $0.00
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Dark Ages: Vampire Second Edition Templates
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Dark Ages: Vampire Second Edition Templates
Publisher: White Wolf
by Andre M. P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/31/2017 21:27:01

Guys & Girlies: YOU are the professionals! Someone from down at the base (or a notch deeper, as I earn no new money) should never be forced to explain mistakes banned in every 101 of the planet to you.

Separate your sex-club, or whatever personal predilection clouds your judgment, from your business sanity. Drug-tests for ALL employees, especially bosses and management, on a quarterly regular. Monthly would be better, but otherwise we will mail each other from one bum shelter to the next withdrawal clinic in the damn near future. Literally, out of character...

In an age of mobile devices you dish us badly compressed files, mixture of PC & Macintosh, Gigabytes of wasted download volume for all who seriously accept your invitation?

Logos you demand to be in each file are absent in several of YOUR professional downloads, too? Come on! Trying to show the finger means you are just too sissy to admit you hate people from all lower income classes.

I ain't bluffing, when I state that ten minutes of my begging gather better skilled artists simply because I accidentally pause during peeing them off... And, if I learned to keep my part of each agreement, when precisely would you pros realize that is expected from each of you, too, 24/7 ???

To summarize a basic creed about actually working the unpaid part of the ST vault: White Wolf should learn to focus on regaining lost customers & acquiring new ones (which is by enticement, and not by marketing idiocy). Instead they waste even more welcome.

Ok, lets compromise, give my outrages & my name as much place in official products, as you gave that Witch Finder author for his pestering with the own sexual insecurity straight in a book on Hunters vs Witches...

[2 of 5 Stars!]
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