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Publisher: White Wolf
by Sensible C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/08/2019 06:58:20

The Ananasi [Spiders] are my favorite Fera or changing breed species along with the Mokole [Lizards] and Rokea [Sharks]. Unlike the Garou and other Fera, the Ananasi don't have rage and are instead cold, methodical, and mellow [exceptions for some classes/breeds like the Kumo [You are in fact lower than rat filth]]. They were not made by Gaia like the other Garou, but by Ananasa, the spider goddess who got trapped in an onyx egg. The goal of the Ananasi, Mokole, and Rokea Triat is to re balance the original Wyld, Wyrm, and Weaver Triat. I like the art in this supplement along with the comic that begins the story.

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